Scarlett Johansson recently spoke about her relationships with Chris Evans and her husband Colin Jost. Johansson commented on her friendly and professional rapport with her Avengers co-star Evans, stating that he is a great friend and a reliable actor to work with. She also expressed her happiness and excitement for her married life with Colin Jost. The actress said that she feels fortunate to have found someone like Jost, whom she can share her life with.

Scarlett Johansson discussed her friendship with co-star Chris Evans and why her husband Colin Jost refuses to practice scenes with her in a recent podcast interview. Johansson revealed that she and Evans have been close since they worked together on the film "The Perfect Score" when she was 17 years old. She compared their dynamic to that of their characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Regarding her husband, Jost, Johansson mentioned that he avoids spoilers and doesn't want to know anything about her film projects, even declining to read scenes with her during the filming of "Black Widow." The highly anticipated solo Marvel film is set to premiere in July after being delayed multiple times due to the pandemic. It will be released both in theaters and on Disney+.

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