Let's have a look at Scarlett's new bloke, shall we?


When you've been married to Ryan Reynolds, we'd imagine every bloke is a bit of a step down. But Scarlett Johansson has bravely struggled past that obstacle and got herself a new boyfriend. And it's obviously going well as they're on holiday in Hawaii together.

Scarlett's new man is Nate Naylor, an advertising executive from New York. And he's using a bit of his holiday leave to go away with Scarlett and some of her mates. He'll be the smug one in the work kitchen on Monday, so if you work with Nate, just don't mention these pictures. "How was my holiday? Oh, I just rubbed suntan lotion all over my sexy A-List girlfriend, the actress Scarlett Johansson.



They've reportedly been dating for six months, and seem to be having a lovely time. In recent weeks they've been seen at celeb favourite Waverley Inn, New York restaurant Please Don't Tell with friends, on a date at another restaurant, Gemma, three days later, went for breakfast at Madison diner ... basically, they really like eating out.

Nate's also got a blog, called Up In Guts, which features lots of edgy pictures and topless women and is really not very safe for looking at if you're at work, or with your parents, or if you're in the company of anyone under 18. He hasn't updated it recently, which means the internet connection in Hawaii is probably a bit slow.


While we think even Nate would admit he isn't as hot as Ryan Reynolds (who is?) he's definitely an improvement on Sean Penn, who she dated for five months early last year. Sean's 51, Scarlett's 27. Oh, and Nate's 38. Just in case you were wondering.

Scarlett's only just got back from her trip to Berlin - where she attended the Golden Camera Awards - and a night out in New York with her twin brother Hunter.

She recently claimed she tried to leave New York during fashion week as it's too busy. Oh, these celebrities. Always looking for an excuse to go to Hawaii. "You won't see me at any fashion shows, I prefer to be much more low key. I just remembered it was that time of the year, I'll need to stay away from Lincoln Center [where the shows are held]." Oh, life is just so tough for Scarlett.

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