The Greatest News for Nightbirde Fans This New Year, Will Make You Happy11


It’s incredible to think that it’s been nearly a year since the singer and song-writer Jane Marczewski passed away from breast cancer. And it’s hard to forget the smile and joie de vivre that radiated from the frail singer who had a huge voice and heart, and a positivity that stemmed from her deep faith.

Many people continue to be inspired by the talented singer’s sentiments and way with words, as we’ve previously shared. But now, the Nightbirde Foundation that was set up after her death has decided to release some merchandise called The Quotes Collection in the run-up to Christmas.

The different products are all designed with one of seven notable Nightbirde quotes.


Although the star came up with so many inspiring quotes worth sharing, the foundation has selected seven as the number “held significance to Jane.”

And what is particularly wonderful about the products is that the foundation hopes they will not only “help spread JANE-sized hope,” but a portion of the proceeds will go to the Nightbirde Foundation that aims to help women with breast cancer seek treatment that they can’t afford and extend their life until they are called home.

In fact, the foundation shared the story of Elaine, who, without receiving a grant that extended her life by a year, “wouldn’t have lived long enough to braid her niece’s hair, reconcile with her Dad, and be able to come to faith in Jesus.”

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