'AGT' Nightbirde Revealed Why Her Original 'It's Okay' Went Most Viral And Fans Rarely Know!


Nightbirde won a Golden Buzzer on America's Got Talent for her original song "It's Okay". She also went viral for the song, and for a good reason.

It's typically a great sign for contestants on  who get a golden buzzer and receive a standing ovation, and Nightbirde stole the show recently for performing an original song. Nightbirde's real name is Jane, and she says that she only uses that stage name when singing.

Before  on , Nightbirde told the judges that she had written an original song and was going to perform it.


The song had to do with her recent cancer diagnosis, having received treatment for a year. The judges were very surprised to hear that, but at the end of her audition, Nightbirde's voice really captivated everyone sitting in the audience.

As a whole, Nightbirde's "It's Okay"  by storm and went viral in a matter of days. Once Nightbirde finished singing the song, one could hear a pin drop before the applause erupted and a standing ovation followed. In the end, Simon not only gave Nightbirde a Golden Buzzer but he also insisted that this was one of the top-ranked Golden Buzzer moments of all time.


Unfortunately, Nightbirde also disclosed that she has a two percent chance of survival from cancer. You can watch Nightbirde's performance below.

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It helps that Nightbirde a very . When Simon asked how her condition is, Nightbirde answered that she has cancer, but even if her body wasn't okay, she still wanted to show that she's more than her health. It wasn't an attempt to get a pass from the judges in any way - she was simply disclosing information about the context behind the words she was about to sing.


 As a whole, Nightbirde's attitude showed modesty and grace. The song, "It's Okay", is quite raw despite her sweet singing voice. The judges called it an  song, that conveyed an emotional experience. Rather than show optimism, it shows realism matched with a positive attitude.

Nightbirde also brought out Simon Cowell's soft side, after  himself. Many people know him as a harsh judge, but in truth, he just wants to see performers who have some substance to them. And after hearing Nightbirde's life story, Simon expressed real sympathy toward her.


Due to his many years on  and , many people don't expect this level of respect and grace from Simon. But after Nightbirde's performance, Simon started to cry on camera. Whenever Simon presses that Golden Buzzer, the contestant has done more than wow him - he wants to make sure that this moment can last for as long as possible. Simon then went up to the stage to help out Nightbirde, who was collapsing from joy, and hug her.

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