Betty White Lived Her Last Few Years In LA Home Despite Her Wishes!


Betty White, the renowned comedian and actress, spent her last few years in her Los Angeles home due to COVID concerns. However, she had always wished to stay in her beloved home in Carmel, California, which she shared with her late husband, Allen Ludden. White passed away on Friday at the age of 99, just weeks before her 100th birthday. Her longtime friend and agent, Jeff Witjas, revealed that she had chosen to stay in her LA home during the pandemic for safety reasons, but her true desire was to remain in Carmel.

White's home in Carmel, built in 1978 for $170,000, overlooked the ocean and spanned over 3,600 square feet.


In contrast, her LA home was more modest, with a white-panel exterior and yellow window panes. Despite her preference, White had to leave her Carmel home for at-home care and moved to Los Angeles due to its accessibility. White, a passionate animal rights advocate, had rooms in both of her homes filled with stuffed animals.

She cherished these animals and said that she never entered the room without speaking to them and expressing her love. White's death was investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department but no foul play was suspected.


Fans gathered outside her home to pay their respects, expressing their sadness at her passing. White leaves behind a lasting legacy as a comedian, actress, author, and animal rights activist, with a television career spanning 80 years. Despite facing setbacks early in her career, including cancelled shows, White persevered and became a pioneering figure in television.

She received numerous awards and accolades throughout her career, including multiple Emmy Awards. White's love life was also notable, with her first two marriages ending in divorce. However, she found true happiness with Allen Ludden, with whom she spent 18 joyful years until his death.


White remained a stepmother to Ludden's three children and treasured her relationship with them. Even after Ludden's passing, White never remarried, stating that she had already found the love of her life.

She continued to entertain audiences with her iconic roles in shows like "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Golden Girls," and made a successful comeback in recent years with films like "The Proposal." In 2010, she hosted "Saturday Night Live" at the age of 88, receiving critical acclaim and winning another Emmy Award. Throughout her life, White attributed her longevity to her positive outlook on life and her ability to find humor in everyday situations.

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