There are plans for the movie "Black Widow" to still have a theatrical release. Despite the ongoing pandemic causing many movie releases to be delayed or shifted to streaming platforms, Marvel Studios intends to release "Black Widow" in theaters. This decision reflects their commitment to the theatrical experience and the strong demand for the film. However, no specific release date has been announced yet, and fans are eagerly awaiting further updates.


Marvel's Black Widow is still aiming for a theatrical release amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Disney has pushed the release date multiple times but has no plans to shift the movie to its Disney Plus streaming service. However, Disney CEO Bob Chapek mentioned that the strategy could change if theaters are not open by May 2021. Disney is hesitant to move movies to Disney Plus, but they released Mulan on the streaming platform for an additional fee. Black Widow's potential delay would also impact Marvel Studios' upcoming superhero movies.

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