A slogan used by L'Oreal, "Because I'm Worth It," has inspired and motivated a whole generation to prioritize their own needs and desires. This catchphrase has encouraged individuals to put themselves first, recognizing their own worth and allowing them to pursue their own aspirations. The impact of this slogan has empowered people to prioritize self-care and self-fulfillment, urging them to embrace their value and take control of their lives.


L'Oréal's iconic tagline "Because I'm worth it" has become a worldwide slogan in the beauty industry. Actress and model Joanne Dusseau, who first uttered the phrase in a 1971 TV ad, believes it was revolutionary at the time as it emphasized a woman's self-worth independent of men. The ad campaign challenged traditional views of women by promoting their empowerment and worthiness. The tagline has had a significant impact on women's confidence and has been spoken by numerous high-profile women throughout the years. Joanne reflects on the changing role of women and the importance of continuing to fight for equality.

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