The Duchess of Cambridge's fashion designer, Alice Temperley, is embroiled in a dispute over plans to turn her studio into a global fashion headquarters. The proposed development in Somerset has faced criticism from local residents who argue it will cause traffic problems and destroy the area's character. Temperley has defended her plans, stating that it will create jobs and boost tourism in the region. However, opponents have launched a petition against the project, highlighting the potential negative impact on the local community. The conflict remains unresolved as both sides present their arguments.


Fashion designer Alice Temperley, known for dressing celebrities including the Duchess of Cambridge, has faced opposition from Historic England over plans to build a studio in the garden of her Somerset home. The proposed building, which will house an office, workshop, and design studio, has been described as too large and detrimental to the historic garden's character. Historic England has recommended building a smaller studio in a different location. A decision from the local council is expected later this year.

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