Carrie Underwood has a washer/dryer in her walk-in closet


Country music star Carrie Underwood surprised fans by sharing a video from her walk-in closet on Instagram. The video revealed that she has a washer/dryer set with a box of Tide detergent in her closet, suggesting that she does her laundry there to save time. The closet also features a ladder for accessing high spots and a crystal chandelier. Underwood, who has been named as a performer for the upcoming CMT Music Awards, was wearing black pleather leggings in the video and discussed their unique sound and material. In a previous interview, she shared that her focus on fitness has shifted over the years from wanting to be a certain size to prioritizing strength, energy, and longevity. Underwood believes in taking care of herself by staying active, eating healthy, and staying hydrated.

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