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SHOCKING! Kelly Clarkson NEVER MARRIED?! She Claims on the Vioce: Won't Get Married Again!

Kelly Clarkson, a beloved coach on , shared that she no longer has any interest in getting married after her painful divorce from Brandon Blackstock. Having plenty of success over the course of the year, with a new post-divorce Christmas album and , the reality star and performer has had a memorable year for her career. Amidst a pandemic and a competitive year on , Kelly has made the most of 2021, dedicating the year to career success and taking time for her family.

Divorced in August, Kelly has struggled throughout the course of the split with Brandon. Expressing her pain and turmoil over the end of her marriage, Kelly has made it clear how difficult the holidays have been without her ex-husband. In her latest single, "Christmas Isn't Cancelled (Just You)," Kelly vulnerably captures the ache empowerment of her divorce, letting fans inside one of her biggest challenges this far. While kept mostly behind the scenes, , now using her music to capture her frustrations and confusion over the course of the year. Moved on, yet scarred from the experience, Kelly appears positive, yet wary about love.

As shared by , Kelly opened up about her views on marriage and what her love life will look like after her divorce. Candidly, Kelly started by making it known that  After such a bad experience with marriage, Kelly appears focused on her children and her career, love (and marriage) the last thing on her agenda moving forward. Despite the pain and emotional , she expressed that she about the experience. Career and family-focused, Kelly appears healthier and happier than ever.

Positive about the future, Kelly has plans to use this period of her life to inspire future album releases. While said in jest, Kelly mentioned a potential album about her ex-husband being called "Red Flag Collector." Even though Kelly may have been relationship-focused in the past, she now sees the many ways that love has played a negative role in her life. With a renewed sense of purpose and a sense of freedom after the longevity of her divorce from Brandon, Kelly appears happy to live her best life as a single mother, no longer tied down to past obligations.

and spending time with her children, Kelly has put her time and efforts into healthier relationships. As the new year begins, Kelly appears motivated to reframe her outlook on life and love, finding connection and satisfaction in other areas of her life. After a year of highs and lows, Kelly has plenty to look forward to in the new year, including more competition on and possibly more creative inspiration for post-divorce releases.

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