Jelly Roll's Rib-Tickling Walmart Adventure: From Album Hunting to Swine-credible Shenanigans!


Country artist Jelly Roll recently took some time off during his Backroad Baptism Tour to visit a Walmart in Rogers, Arkansas. In a hilarious video shared with his fans, he documented his visit and expressed his excitement at finding his latest album, "WHITSITT CHAPEL," available for purchase at the store.

Jelly Roll, whose real name is Jason DeFord, began the video by greeting his followers and explaining the purpose of his visit. He mentioned how the last time he went to Walmart on his album release day, his vinyls were nowhere to be found. So, when he realized that Rogers, Arkansas, was the home of Walmart, he decided to see if he could find his album there.


In the clip, Jelly Roll can be seen walking into the Walmart store, making his way to the back. He jokingly exclaimed his enthusiasm, saying, "Ooooh, we are here baby, and you can tell I am excited. Look at that, you see my little waddle? I'm all fired up!" He then spotted an entire end cap full of his "WHITSITT CHAPEL" vinyl records, and his excitement grew even more.

Not only did the store have vinyl records, but it also carried CDs of his album. Jelly Roll's excitement continued as he found a shelf filled with his vinyls in the aisle dedicated to music. He happily exclaimed, "This is crazy! You can tell how excited I really am.


This is a really big deal for a kid like me."

During his visit, fans recognized Jelly Roll and approached him for photos and conversations. It was a drastic change from his previous experience at a Walmart in Nashville, where nobody recognized him or had his album available. Reflecting on this, Jelly Roll expressed his gratitude for how far he has come in his career.

The video ends with Jelly Roll purchasing both a vinyl and a CD copy of "WHITSITT CHAPEL." The album, released on June 2, debuted at No.2 on the Billboard Country Album Chart and in the Top 3 on the Billboard 200 all-genre chart.

Currently, Jelly Roll is on his Backroad Baptism Tour, which features various guest artists on select dates.


The tour started in July and will conclude in October in Tampa, Florida. Jelly Roll expressed his excitement to bring his friends on the road and cannot wait to see his fans at the shows.

For Jelly Roll, finding his album at Walmart in the hometown of Walmart was a dream come true. It was a special moment for him to see his music available in such a prominent retail chain. The video not only showcased his joy but also highlighted the support and love he receives from his fans.

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