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Blake Shelton Plows Field, Gwen Stefani Cooks for Whole Family — They Take Care of Each Other at Their Cozy Farm

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani each have a considerable net worth.Shelton does everything for his family by focusing on the kids and mowing the lawn.Meanwhile, his wife, Stefani, does all the dirty work around the house: cleaning and cooking.

Hollywood couple Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani maintain ordinary lives despite their wealth, which they accumulated throughout their successful careers.

In January 2021, Country Now reported Shelton scored big financially and was ranked No. 9 in Rolling Stone's list of the ten highest Paid Musicians of that year.

The "Austin" hitmaker was the only country crooner that  the list with an estimated income of $83 million. Shelton's primary source of income is reportedly from a "previously unreported catalog sale" of $50 million.

The Oklahoma native made an extra $80 million in salary for his stint on "The Voice" as a coach, including his new album release and tour. Shelton's tour reportedly made $14.5 million.

Meanwhile, Gwen Stefani's net worth has surpassed his. The pop singer also became a judge on "The Voice" during Season 7 and later returned for seasons 12, 17, 19, and 22. Stefani is reportedly worth .

Despite her and her husband's success and riches, the couple has remained down-to-earth. When asked during a November 2017 interview what makes her spouse sexy, the fashion designer  that being "humble" was one of the things attracting her to him:

"I think somebody that is humble, kind, down to earth, talented, on top of their game. I think I'm his biggest fan." In April 2018, one of Stefani's fans also gave her props for being a laid-back individual, just like Shelton. A woman named Carly Pearce revealed she had spent time with the songwriter and her husband and got to know her better, adding the couple showed her nothing but kindness: "She is as awesome and as a rocker, bad girl as you would think. But also, one of the most down-to-earth people in the whole world." Pearce added the duo gave her sound advice about her journey as an up-and-coming musician and shared stories from their paths in showbiz. "And she's just as cool as you would think," said the fan. Stefani and Shelton own a mansion in Los Angeles where they raise sons Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma Rossdale, whom she shares with her former husband, Gavin Rossdale. Shelton also has a 1,300-acre ranch in Oklahoma where the lovebirds wed in July 2021 – in a chapel that he reportedly built himself from the ground up to show much he loves her. The wedding venue features religious symbols and stained-glass windows. Interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard once showed off the property on a social media post. The multi-story home is all-white on the exterior with grand pillars outside. In addition, there is an enormous front porch with manicured gardens. The property, named Ten Point Ranch, consists of four bedrooms, a horse barn, and several ponds. The living room features vaulted ceilings, white wood paneling on the walls, and a gigantic chandelier in the middle. Meanwhile, the living room consists of rattan-framed sofas with a matching coffee table and a wall-mounted television. In one corner of the room, Shelton and Stefani have a mini bar trimmed with Hawaiian-style décor. The dining room also has the same wooden paneling on the ceilings and walls, with windows showing off the magnificent views of the grounds. It features a long dining table surrounded by cream-cushioned chairs. Stefani and Shelton's primary home in Encino, California, is reportedly worth $14 million. The pair purchased the abode in May 2020. Shelton Does Everything for the Family Meanwhile, at Shelton's ranch, he spends much of his time outside, plowing the field, and has given fans a glimpse of his terrace on Instagram. The TV personality posted a clip in August 2022, showing fans his progress from start to finish. "You all know what time it is!!! We're making some magic happen today!!," he captioned his post. Shelton showed off his orange Kubota tractor and panned the camera across the farm equipment. He then got behind the wheel of the tractor to till up the overgrown land and said: "Guess what time it is, America? Way too early to be planting food plots, but I'm getting them ready! Woo!" Before he stopped filming his day's work on the farm, the "Ol' Red" singer told his Instagram followers that he had to use the tractor across the field twice. Shelton once revealed on Twitter that he was still "mowing with a push mower," adding his project included an enormous "yard." While he seems to be enjoying himself off-screen in his hometown, Shelton recently announced that he would be working less and focusing more on his family. He acknowledged his wife and stepsons, saying he did not want to miss out on the kids' milestones. Shelton added the last thing he wants to have is "regrets" about devoting much of his time to his already accomplished career at the expense of making time for his family, especially the children: "This isn't about me anymore and never will be again." Shelton explained that he plays a crucial role in his stepkids' lives, adding although he is only a stepdad, "I take that job very seriously," he said. In turn, Stefani's children also value his presence and always want him there. The dad of three noted that he had earned a lot of money throughout his Hollywood career. However, one thing he refuses to sacrifice is "time" with his family: "You can't buy time back. I don't want any regrets." The TV star said it was now "time" to put aside a lot of work obligations and make room for his loved ones and "personal life" in that regard. Stefani Keeps the Family's Farm Clean Moreover, in November 2022, Shelton candidly spoke about family traditions in his household. He divulged he and his wife "cook during Christmas," and they opt to try out challenging dishes instead of traditional ones for the holiday celebration. It all began when Stefani attempted to cook "a beef Wellington," which is difficult to make. Shelton also shared that his beautiful spouse has Italian descendants in her family, so there are many pasta dishes in their cooking experiments. When the couple celebrated their first holiday season as newlyweds in 2021, they cooked up a storm by making an Italian dish called Timpano for the occasion. The meal includes a giant pasta dome filled with multiple ingredients inside. Stefani admitted that she and Shelton took a chance on the dish, which required him to flip the Timpano from its pot into a serving dish but surprisingly, it turned out well. Fashion designer Gwen Stefani during her appearance on "Williams Sonoma" | Source: YouTube/WilliamsSonoma During lockdown in 2020, Stefani and Shelton quarantined together. The "No Doubt" frontwoman openly talked about her experience in the countryside, where she had domestic responsibilities. Stefani was responsible for doing the "laundry and cleaning and cooking and toilet cleaning," which she found unpleasant. She added it was a workload experience.

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