Scarlett Johansson's first real paying acting job at the age of 9 is featured in a video circulating online. The video showcases her talent and promising future in the entertainment industry. Scarlett plays a young girl who convinces her father to buy a credit card to help her mother with their financial struggles. This early role displays her natural acting abilities, setting the stage for her successful career as an actress. The video serves as a reminder of Johansson's humble beginnings and her undeniable talent at a young age.


Scarlett Johansson made her first paying acting job at the age of nine on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. She played a spelling bee champion who misspelled every word she attempted. Johansson appeared on Conan's show five times and recalled receiving a signed picture from Andy Richter. She had her first professional acting gig at the age of eight in a stage production. Johansson later gained fame with roles in films like Lost in Translation. She is now married to Colin Jost and will star in the upcoming Black Widow film.

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