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The most underrated relationships are those of siblings. You may fight with them all day, but no one can deny that they are our best friends at home. Actor John Krasinski also once shared a tale about his childhood, where he gave insight into his love-hate relationship with his brother.

During an appearance on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien show, the actor shared that once he got involved in a fight with his siblings, and after a point, something that started as casual playtime took a nasty turn when he almost 'killed' his brother.


John Krasinski shared a love-hate relationship with his siblings

John Krasinski is an American actor and filmmaker who rose to fame with his role as Jim Halpert on the NBC sitcom The Office. The actor has a large family, so needless to say, there must have been many fights among the brothers. Some fights are unavoidable, and at times, those casual fights take a nasty turn. Well, some things are justified without any explanation, like playfully teasing your sibling for no reason. Indeed, it's undoubtedly the best pastime.

Being brought up with siblings, Krasinski also has a fair share of these mischievous experiences, where he has indulged in sibling fights.


During an appearance on Conan O'Brien's show, the actor shared one such tale of his childhood, where he hit his brother so hard that he ended up nearly taking his life.

The actor recalled a fight between him and his brother got so intense that he was surprised it didn't take anyone's life. Krasinski said, 'I'm surprised we all survived one Thanksgiving.' When the host persuaded the actor to share some insight, he said, 'I don't strike often, but I strike big.'

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The Marvel star recalled an incident from his childhood when he was very young, around 8, and his brother played a mischief on him. Krasinski's brother invited his friend to witness what he was about to do, and then he started to playfully beat up Krasinski. At that time, Krasinski was playing with G.I. Joe's toys, and he decided to retaliate by grabbing a toy and throwing it at his brother. The actor said,

"I was playing G.I. Joe at the time, I was like 20, and I was maybe like eight, and I remember I was like, "I'm gonna grab a toy and just throw it at him."'

Here is when things took an unexpected turn as the actor thought that he had picked up a toy truck to throw at his brother, but it turned out to be a giant lawn dart called a 'jart.


' Since he already grabbed it, without a second thought, the actor threw it at his brother. He stated, 'And I was like, "Oh, this will do, wipe off the dirt, be safe, throw."

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The shot by John Krasinski ended up hurting his brother badly

The actor continued his story by mentioning that the 'jart' he threw at his brother struck right into his brother's head.


What John Krasinski did was his reflex, but the repercussions were indeed unexpected. The actor said,

"He goes like screaming. And he is running through the lawn like this."

Krasinski further revealed that his father, who happens to be a doctor, entered the scene and witnessed all the chaos going on. Meanwhile, his brother ran past, grabbed the 'jart,' and said,

"You see, this really could have hurt somebody."

The actor said that when they all grew up, he gifted his brother a 'lawn dart on a plaque' as a memory of their childhood mischiefs.

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Source: Late Night with Conan O'Brien 

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