Actor Stephen Dorff has criticized Scarlett Johansson in a recent interview. Dorff expresses his disapproval of Johansson's decision to star in the upcoming Marvel film, Black Widow. He dismisses it as a "bad" choice and claims that he feels embarrassed for her. Dorff goes on to say that he is not interested in the superhero genre and considers it to be "just for money".


Actor Stephen Dorff criticized Scarlett Johansson for her role in Marvel movies, saying he feels "embarrassed" for her. He slammed her and her latest film, Black Widow, while promoting his own sports film. Dorff claimed he looks for higher quality material and doesn't want to be in superhero movies. He also criticized this year's Oscars ceremony, calling it embarrassing. Despite his comments, it should be noted that Dorff himself appeared in a Marvel property in 1998. Dorff admits he has been lured by big money projects in the past but also enjoys taking on riskier roles. Scarlett Johansson is reported to have been paid $15 million for Black Widow and has a net worth of around $165 million.

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