Scarlett Johansson's talent agent, Bryan Lourd, has criticized Disney for publicly releasing the actress's salary for the movie "Black Widow." Lourd argues that the release of such confidential information is a direct attack on his client's privacy. He states that this move by Disney is an attempt to "weaponize her success," as Johansson's salary is now being used against her in her ongoing legal battle with the company over the film's streaming release. Lourd emphasizes that Disney's intention is to intimidate and silence talent.


Tensions have escalated between Disney and Scarlett Johansson following her $50 million lawsuit over the release of Black Widow on both streaming service Disney+ and in theaters. Disney released Johansson's $20 million salary figures in response to the lawsuit, which her talent agent, Bryan Lourd, criticized as an attempt to "weaponize her success." Johansson alleges that the simultaneous release violated her contract and caused her to lose out on significant earnings. The lawsuit raises questions about compensation for other major stars as studios continue to experiment with streaming releases.

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