Police are searching for a woman in connection with the recent Big Bird 'Bandits' case, adding a fresh twist to the ongoing investigation. The case involves the theft of a Big Bird costume from a circus in Adelaide, Australia. The police released CCTV footage showing a man stealing the costume and now believe that the man had an accomplice, a woman who can be seen in the footage. The authorities are urging the public to come forward with any information that could help solve the case. Overall, the police are pursuing a new lead in the search for the Big Bird 'Bandits'.


Police are searching for a third suspect in the case of a stolen Big Bird costume worth $160,000. Tasman Binder and Cody Alain Milne are currently before the courts accused of stealing the costume from a Sesame Street-themed circus in Adelaide. Investigators believe a woman may have also been involved in the theft. The police released photos of a blonde woman who resembles Scarlett Johansson and are urging her to come forward. The costume was found abandoned with an apology letter signed by the "Big Bird Bandits" stuffed inside its beak.

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