Disney has announced that the highly anticipated movie "Black Widow" generated $60 million in revenue from streaming on Disney+. This marks a significant success for the company, as it demonstrates the potential of launching blockbuster films simultaneously in theaters and on streaming platforms. The film was released in early July and stars Scarlett Johansson as the lead. Despite facing delays due to the pandemic, "Black Widow" has proven to be a lucrative venture for Disney, further highlighting their dominance in the streaming industry.


Disney's superhero film Black Widow broke pandemic-era records by earning $60 million on Disney+ over the weekend, in addition to its $80 million domestic box office and $78 million internationally. The film, starring Scarlett Johansson, was available on the streaming platform for an extra fee. This announcement by Disney is unprecedented and highlights the success of both theatrical and streaming releases. The movie has yet to open in China. The domestic box office also saw an overall increase with a total of $116.8 million, the first time it has surpassed $100 million since the pandemic began.

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