Actor Stephen Dorff recently made a controversial statement about the iconic film Titanic. In an interview, Dorff referred to the movie as "pretty vanilla," expressing his opinion that it lacked depth and excitement. Despite the film's massive success and critical acclaim, Dorff believes it wasn't as groundbreaking as others make it out to be. This comment has generated mixed reactions, as many fans of Titanic disagree with Dorff's assessment, while others appreciate his honesty and alternative perspective. It remains a matter of personal opinion whether Titanic truly lives up to its reputation.


Actor Stephen Dorff has expressed his dislike for the iconic film Titanic, calling it "pretty vanilla." Dorff revealed that he was in the running to play the lead role in the movie, but ultimately lost out to Leonardo DiCaprio. Although he acknowledged that the film would have been beneficial to his career, he admitted to not being a "huge fan" and suggested that director James Cameron could have done a better job. Dorff's comments come after recently criticizing Scarlett Johansson for her role in the upcoming Black Widow movie, stating that he prefers more challenging and unique roles.

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