Top 5 Favorite Classic Family Board Games


1. Guess Who?

Guess Who Classic Family Board Game Type of Board Game | Guessing Game Benefits | 2 Players, 48 Face Cards, 24 Mystery Cards, 2 Scorekeepers, Instructions Ages | 6+】

Guess Who? (See on Amazon), made by Hasbro, is a classic family board game that helps fill the time for families with children of all ages. When you buy this game, you'll get two separate game boards for two players along with 48 face cards, 24 mystery cards, and two scorekeepers.

You'll also get instructions in case you have any questions about how the game is played.


However, it's pretty straightforward. This tabletop game involves trying to guess each other's mystery characters by asking simple questions like, "is your person wearing a hat?" The first person to guess the mystery character correctly wins the game! 

2. Game Of Life

Type of Board Game | Roll and Move Game Benefits | 2 Players, 3 Players, 4 Players, Instructions, Kids Included, Pets Included Ages | 8+

You'll make your own choices as you navigate life, working from Start to Retirement as you experience unique new milestones.


This version of the Game of Life is upgraded from the original and even allows players to adopt pets! In fact, each player gets a pet when they begin the game and there are pet-specific boards on the game board. The ultimate goal of the game? Become the wealthiest player and you'll conquer it all!

3. Exploding Kittens

Type of Board Game | Card Game Benefits | 2-5 Players, 56 Cards, Box, Instructions Ages | 7+

This unique game involves strategy and is a family-friendly version of Russian roulette.


Draw an exploding kitten, and you lose, but if you don't explode, you'll win! It has won multiple "game of the year" awards and is a lot like UNO, according to CNN, except there are goats, kittens, and enchiladas that can kill you.

Although adults and teens love this game, too, it's perfect for kids ages seven and up. It only takes about five minutes to learn and just fifteen minutes to play.

4. Connect 4

Type of Board Game | Strategy Game Benefits | 2 Players, Grid, 2 legs, Slider Bar, 21 Red Discs, 21 Yellow Discs, Instructions


Ages | 6+

Get four in a row of your color, and you win. You can start on the side, go diagonally, or switch things up each play to keep your opponent guessing.

In order to own, you'll have to become a master of strategy and deception. The game features a modern style and extra ways to play. The colors are upgraded and the unique new game choices will help you stay entertained. Plus, there's a pop-out feature in this version of Connect 4 that allows you to release a disc from the bottom row to change the sequence above. It's Connect 4 like you've never seen it before!


5. Battleship

Type of Board Game | Guessing Game Benefits | 2 Portable Cases, Peg, Ship, and Plane Storage, 2 Planes, Ships, Game Board, Instructions, 2 Players Ages | 7+

A two-person game, it allows you to sink ships, crash planes, and engage in serious strategy for a one-of-a-kind experience. This twist on the classic game is portable and comes with two separate cases so that you can dive into a game no matter where in the world you might be.

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