Easy DIY Pom Pom Cactus Tutorial


Are you looking for a weekend project? Try making these adorable pom pom cactus from Chalk Couture on Youtube! It's a super fun project to make with your friends that will surely make a fabulous accent to your space. You can also make these if you like to incorporate some greeneries into your decor but can't keep a plant alive. Watch the video tutorial below to learn the step by step instructions.


fabric scissors 2 1/2″ terracotta pot hot glue gun hair comb two skeins of yarn (in your choice of colors)


Step 1

To start, cut a 15″ piece of yarn, then slip it between your middle and ring finger.


Take the tail ends and tuck them between your thumb and forefinger. Next, wrap the remaining yarn (in the same color) around your fingers approximately 200 times, until you have a large bundle. For smaller size pom poms, wrap the yarn approximately 50 times. After this, cut the tail of the yarn, then snag the ends of the 15″ yarn piece from earlier and tie a half knot around the middle of the bundle, pulling it tight.

Step 2

Now, remove the bundle from your fingers slowly and finish tying the loose pieces into a full knot. Next, hold the bundle with the loops facing up and down, then cut through the loops, creating a fluffy pom pom.


After this, trim and shape your cactus. (Use your hair comb to fluff it out between trimmings.) Repeat these steps to create smaller pom poms.

Step 3

Once you have all your pom poms, start assembling the project. Line the inside of the terracotta pot generously with hot glue and adhere the pompom to the inside of the pot. You can trim your pom pom a bit more at this point. Next, create a divot in the larger pom poms, place some hot glue, and insert the cactus flower (or the smaller size pom poms.) Your DIY pom pom cactus is now finished!

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