Lavender Darcangelo Explains How Her Boyfriend Inspired Her Live Show Performance!


When Lavender Darcangelo first auditioned for  with Fame's "Out Here On My Own", she touched the Judges and fans with her stunning vocals and moving adoption story. She particularly struck a chord with Heidi Klum, who .

And now, with the Live Show behind her, the blind and autistic vocalist officially won over the heart's of America after in the Final for this .

"Growing up people often put me in a box because of my disability," Darcangelo said during the episode. "The Golden Buzzer made me feel like the world is seeing me now, and it was just so emotional for me."


What song did Lavender Darcangelo sing during her Live Show performance?

This time around, the 27-year-old conquered Foreigner's 1984 hit "I Wanna Know What Love Is", hitting unbelievably stunning notes in the process.

"I chose this because being on I gained a whole lot of confidence," she said. "This song definitely challenges my vocal range. I know it's a tough song, but because my heart was telling me to do it I start with the heart and the vocal choices will follow. I'm all about breaking boundaries. That's when impossible becomes possible."

Darcangelo later opened up to about another romantic reason she chose the ballad: It was dedicated to her boyfriend, Brian.


"Before he came into my life, I knew that people loved me, but I didn't know how to trust it," s. "Because I had a lot of trust issues growing up, and I often felt unloved. People wanted to include me in things, but because of my disabilities, they didn't know how to include me. And my boyfriend is one of very few people who I felt has done it right."

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"And when someone does it right, then you start to wonder what it's like to dive into the ocean, into the scary ocean of what love is all about," she continued.


"Before, I thought love was this scary thing that I didn't want to swim in."

The Judges react to Lavender Darcangelo's Live Show performance

With just minutes left in the live broadcast, only Klum and Simon Cowell had time to make their remarks, but they made every second count.

: "Lavender, I am so proud of you. I love you Lavender. I feel you when you are singing. I hope everyone in this room felt you. I hope everyone at home felt you. I hope that everyone is going to vote for you so that we can go to the next round together."

"It's just the most amazing feeling Terry when a contestant that everyone loves nails it, and you can feel it behind you. And I gotta tell you, second half of that song, the way that you sang it, the whole song the lyric took on a completely different meaning for me, and that was beautiful. 

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