Kelly Clarkson’s Body Transformation In 10 Photos — See Unbelievable Before and After

One of the many reasons we love  is because of how relatable she is! From fan-girling over  at the 2018  to getting candid about her “mom guilt,” it’s easy to forget the 38-year-old is a mega . 

The “Stronger” songstress made headlines over the summer when she  from her husband of seven years, . Clarkson — who shares daughter  River Rose, 6, and son  Remington Alexander, 4, with Blackstock — hasn’t given too much insight into  what  she doesn’t regret her decision to call it quits with the talent manager, 43. 

“This isn’t happiness, and we ,” Clarkson said on her talk show earlier this week. “That line so hit home for me: I don’t want this for everyone in this .”

Despite the messy situation, Clarkson is on a roll these days — she won  of her tots, is a judge on , hosts her successful talk show  while doing it all. 

Clarkson hasn't shied away from talking about her weight, and in 2018, she divulged her diet secrets. "I'm not working out!" Clarkson told  at the time. "I literally read this book ... It's called . It's basically about how we cook our food, non-GMO, no pesticides, eating really organic."

As a result, Clarkson lost a significant amount of weight. "I had an  and a thyroid problem that started in 2006," she told  on the show in 2018. "I know the industry loves the weight gone, but for me, it wasn't really (about) the weight. For me, it was 'I'm not on my medicine any more.'"

The blonde beauty  this week while on . "I'm a very strong individual. I'm very confident, and I've been ," she told  in June.

Revenge Body


Clarkson's fans couldn't help but comment on the gorgeous snap. One person wrote, "These boots were made for walking over your future ex-husband. Love you,” while another echoed, “You were stunning yesterday. I haven’t seen you looking that good in a while. Whatever is happening in your life is showing. #MaybeFreedom?”

Glowing Gal


The  alum shined in a sparkly dress.

High Standards

"I felt more pressure from people actually when I was thin, when I was  thin, and not super healthy because I just was worn out," she told 

Honesty Hour


"It was more of magazines shoved in front of you and, ‘This is what you’re competing with and we’ve got to compete with it.’ I can’t compete with that," she added.

True To Herself



"Even in my thinnest, most fit moment, it's just not my personality to be naked on the front of a magazine," she shared.

Hilarious Confession

"I still hate working out. I'm sweaty, red, and not any thinner. People say it's good for your heart .... but people also say red wine is good for your heart. I mean, I'm just stating facts here people. Who am I to ignore science?!" she tweeted in 2018.

Up & Down


"I'm such a creative person that I yo-yo. So sometimes I'm more fit and I get into kickboxing hardcore. And then sometimes I don't and I'm like ... I'd rather have wine,"  in 2015.

Bye, Trolls!


"I was the biggest girl in the cast too," Clarkson said. "And I wasn't big, but people would call me big ... I've kind of always gotten that."

Over It


"I think what hurts my feelings for people is that I'll have a meet and greet after the show, and a girl who's bigger than me will be in the meet and greet and be like, 'Wow, if they think you're big, I must be so fat to them,'" she said. "And it's like, you're just who you are. We are who we are — whatever size."

Best Advice


"People should just concentrate on their own lives and their own health and their own happiness, and whatever that looks like for you, be happy with it," she said. Wise words!

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