Miss You Betty White Forever: Why She Never Had Kids, and 8 Other Facts About Her Life!


With everything she’s achieved, actress Betty White is basically a national treasure. She managed to thrive in the entertainment industry for 8 decades, she was universally loved by everyone, and she was called “America’s Sweetheart” even in her senior years. But sadly, the Golden Girl we wished would live forever, passed away just a few weeks before her 100th birthday.

We at Bright Side are huge fans of Betty White, so we decided to honor her legacy by looking back at the most interesting facts and milestones of her life.


Betty White was a living legend.

Betty White was born in 1922, which means she lived through major historical events, including the second World War. Fun fact, she’s also older than “sliced bread,” which wasn’t invented until 1928.

She jumpstarted her career in 1939 by dancing on an experimental TV show while wearing her high school graduation dress.

From there, Betty White conquered American television and became a Hollywood favorite. She can sing, act, and she’s also got a wicked sense of humor, which made her a coveted guest for comedy and game shows.

She was one of TV’s first sitcom stars, and was the first woman to produce a national show.


Betty White was the lead actress in the sitcom Life With Elizabeth, which she also produced.

And this sparkling star continued to bless our screens over the next decades, through shows like The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Betty White Show, The Golden Girls, and Hot in Cleveland among others.

Betty White charmed multiple generations.

Most Hollywood stars fade into obscurity over time, but Betty White was an exception to the rule. In the past 80 years, she constantly appeared in different films and TV projects.

She became an audience favorite after appearing in a chocolate ad in the 2010 Super Bowl. A Facebook campaign was also launched for her to appear on Saturday Night Live, and she became the oldest person to host the show.

This Golden Girl had multiple awards under her belt.

Betty White was an extremely talented actress and she had the “goods” to prove it. She was an 8-time Emmy awardee and was also the first woman to win an Emmy for hosting a game show.

She also had 3 American Comedy Awards, 3 Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Grammy, all tucked up in her trophy collection.

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