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Miranda Lambert Says Morgan Wallen's 'One Thing At A Time' Is Her Favorite Album Of 2023 So Far

Miranda Lambert recently spilled some "music indusTEA!" alongside Meghan Trainor on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Throughout the series of rapid-fire questions presented to them, the artists were asked to share which album of 2023 is their favorite so far. Lambert responded with Morgan Wallen's massive 36-song album, One Thing At A Time. 

"I think Morgan Wallen's. He's out there kicking ass," she shared. 

The Texas Native Co-Wrote A Song On The Album

Wallen unveiled his highly-anticipated project on March 3, 2023. This album features outside cuts by a slew of fellow country stars including HARDY, Larry Fleet, Travis Denning, Ernest, Lambert and more.

Lambert's contribution to the collection is the heartwarming track, "Thought You Should Know," which finds Wallen singing the lyrics that come in the form of a phone call to his mom as he gives her a bit of reassurance in sharing his update on the current stage of his life. 

"I thought you should know / That all those prayers you thought you wasted on me / Must've finally made their way on through / I thought you should know / I got me a new girl down there in Jefferson City, and /She lets me fish whenever I want to / Yeah, I'm still proud of where I came from / Still your only damn son / Can you believe I'm on the radio? / Just thought you should know, thought you should know, thought you should know," Wallen sings in the chorus. 

His touching lyrics captured the hearts of fans upon its release on November 7, leading Wallen to earn his 8th No. 1 single. Upon reaching this milestone, Lambert took to social media to congratulate the singer for all the success on the song that she helped Wallen pen alongside Nicolle Galyon.

"Congrats @morganwallen on your number 1 song 'Thought You Should Know,'" Lambert wrote. "Proud to be a writer on a song about your mama! This is the first number 1 song I've ever had as a writer. We did good that day y'all. Cheers friends. @nicatnitemusic."

Recalled Falling On Stage

Following her response to choosing Wallen's recent record as her favorite, Cohen also mentioned the hard fall he recently took on stage during a stop in Louisville for his One Night At A Time Tour. While walking down the stage in the thick fog, Wallen was captured taking an unexpected spill. Despite the misstep, he got right back up and continued to sing his fan-favorite track, "Heartless."

Lambert was quick to have his back as she said, "He's young, he's fine," and then recalled a similar experience she had on stage in the past. 

"I fell flat on my face during "Gunpowder & Lead," trying to be all tough like it's my tough song," she explained. "And, I busted my lip when I fell on my microphone so I had a bloody lip."

"And she kept going," Trainor chimed in before Lambert said, "I did keep going." 


New Book Out Now

While Lambert is preparing to return to the stage in July for her Velvet Rodeo Las Vegas Residency, she is currently making media rounds in support of her new book, Y'all Eat Yet: Welcome to The Pretty B*tchin' Kitchen. 

This collection of 50 recipes that have been handed down from her mom, grandma and some cherished friends and arrived Tuesday, April 25. Upon its release, the book debuted at the top of Amazon's cookbook lists and at No. 2 on their overall Best Sellers list.

"What started as a way to get Mom and her friends to write things down turned into a real journey through my life, the incredible women who have shaped me and all the things we ate and drank along the way," Lambert gushed in a press release. "None of us ever thought it would be a hardbound book with perfect binding and all these pretty pictures, let alone be an actual best-seller, but that's the power of this kind of positive, kick-ass female energy."

Book Signings Underway

Y'all Eat Yet will prepare the reader for a number of different occasions, whether that be facing tough news over breakfast, starting new holiday traditions or simply hosting a much-needed porch party. 

The "If I Was A Cowboy" singer celebrated the release of Y'all Eat Yet with a series of signing events, beginning at the 5th Avenue Barnes & Noble store in New York City and The Grove Barnes & Noble store in Los Angeles on April 28 at 11 a.m. PT.

"It was amazing seeing all the people who turned out in New York for my book signing," Lambert added. "They were so happy to be there. It felt like an extension of Nonny and the YaYas or my Mom and her friends! We always say my Mom has two kinds of friends: the people she knows and the ones she hasn't met yet. I think this book is expanding the YaYas to places we haven't been yet… but through reading Y'ALL EAT YET?, we'll all know each other when we get there."

Will Soon Return To Texas

Next up, she will make an appearance in her hometown of Lindale, Texas – where many of the book's stories were born – at her own Pink Pistol store on May 9 at 12 p.m. CT. This stop comes ahead of the ACM Awards in nearby Dallas on May 11 where she is nominated in five categories: Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year (as both artist and producer), Female Artist of the Year and Artist-Songwriter of the Year.

Fans can pick up a copy of the book at retailers and stores across the country including Walmart, Target, Buc-ee's, Cracker Barrel, Kroger and Whole Foods, Nashville's Parnassus Books, plus online.

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