Jelly Roll Stops Show to Call Out Elementary School Friend Holding His Yearbook Photo


Jelly Roll might need to consider adding a new item to his merch booth after a recent concert near St. Louis.

The "Need a Favor" singer performed in front of a packed audience at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in Maryland Heights, Mo., on Aug. 19, and among those in the crowd was a former classmate from elementary school.

In a clip shared on TikTok, Jelly Roll pauses to greet the audience, then calls out the former classmate after spotting her in the crowd.

"I heard you went on to do good things, girl," he says into the mic. "I heard you went on to be a nurse and everything."

The camera catches the screaming fan in the stands, who immediately blows kisses toward the stage.


"Is your mama here?" Jelly Roll asks before the woman's mother appears on screen. "No f-----g way. Paige is here? Holy s--t."

Both the classmate and her mother even brought evidence to prove that they go way back with the rapper-turned-country-star.

At the singer's request, they held up a giant blanket featuring a yearbook photo of a young Jelly Roll they had made for the occasion.

"This wasn't planned by the way," he says to the crowd. "I'm just embarrassed enough to call it out myself. This is craziness."

Jelly Roll seemed genuinely surprised by the encounter with his old classmate and her mom, saying they hadn't seen each other since they were kids.


"I love you, girl," he tells the young woman. "I'll see you after the show. We'll make sure we get you and your mama backstage."

Jelly Roll's Backyard Baptism Tour will next stop at the Ford Center in Evansville, Ind. on Aug. 22.

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