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So Sweet!!!! He Pampers Her with Breakfast He Prepares! Blake Shelton Falls in Love with Gwen Every Day after She Saved Him


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Blake Shelton's Lake House and Oklahoma Ranch

Miranda Lambert reminded Gwen Stefani not to forget the warning she gave for her marriage

Gwen Stefani has helped Blake Shelton overcome many hardships. Perhaps that's why the talented man has chosen to devote the rest of his life to caring for her. He is known to make her breakfast and sees every day as a chance to fall in love with her all over again. Their love story is a romantic one, but it started off roughly.

After walking away from her husband, Gavin Rossdale in 2015, Gwen Stefani thought she was done with love and its trappings. In fact, the talented singer shared during an appearance on "The Drew Barrymore Show" that she did not think kissing a man would happen again.

Shelton changed her mind one day when he introduced himself, and she fell for him feeling it was a match made in heaven. According to Stefani, God wanted them together, and she had not seen it coming.

She  Barrymore what she used to think: "I'm gonna wake up every day, I'm gonna have a coffee, I'm gonna take care of my kids, and then I'm gonna go to bed."'

Stefani met Shelton on "The Voice" in 2014, a year before she split from her husband and the father of her three kids. After their separation, she started dating Shelton and never looked back.

Stefani told Barrymore that Shelton shared her values and had the same thoughts despite having different thought processes. She believes that having someone like that makes falling in love worth it, so she marries him.

The wedding planning was done by Stefani, who barely required any input from Shelton — something he said he liked. The event went down on July 3, 2021, on Shelton's Tishomingo, Oklahoma ranch and was a small intimate event witnessed by 40 friends and family.

A source close to the pair said they chose to keep small because they wanted to enjoy every moment with their families, and they did.

The whole affair was a success, especially for Shelton, who got away with drinking sparkly drinks and kissing Stefani to the cheering of the watching crowd.

Some trolled him for being a lazy hubby, but he took it in stride, saying he was being lazy and attributing it to his wife's excellent planning skills. He :

"What do I know about that stuff? Of course, it was her and her vision."

It was just another example of how well the "The Voice" judge and the iconic singer complement one another. Recognizing the importance of the relationship, Shelton is now focusing his energy on preserving and maintaining it.

In August, he revealed to ET that everything in his life comes second to Stefani and their family, including the three kids she had with her former husband. He :

"Look, I love music, and I love 'The Voice.' I love all the cool things I get to do with my job, but those things all take a backseat now to Gwen and the kids, and it's just a new phase of my life."This new phase has the artist feeling more confident about his career. He freed himself from the rat race, and that freedom led to the release of singles at his own pace.One of the ways Shelton has chosen to express his love for Stefani is by cooking, and he does it often.Shelton has expressed gratitude to his record label for always supporting him in all his decisions. He said their support for his goofy ideas has led to big hits that people know, and he prays things don't change.

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