Miranda Lambert fans hit back against trolls body shaming the star


Miranda Lamberts fans are coming to her defense after internet trolls body shamed the country songstress on TikTok. It all started earlier this week when a video of Lambert performing her hit song Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go Home) appeared on the social media platform.

In the clip, Lambert is seen at one of her recent concerts decked out in blue denim shorts, a black graphic tee and red cowboy boots. Lambert, 38, can be seen commanding the stage, as she belted out the catchy chorus.

One fan commented how she appeared to look 'happy and healthy' while rocking the house.


That was just one of many supportive comments that were posted in the clip's comment section after body shaming trolls left comments calling the country singer 'Miranda HAMbert,' 'Mealranda Lambert, and 'Miranda Lamburger.' As reported by Page Six, some of the trolls were even more cruel when it came to commenting about the Lambert's body, writing things like 'mix a salad' and 'go to the gymnasium.' 

One troll went as far as to post that her ex-husband, Blake Shelton, 'dodged a bullet' when the split in 2015, which ended in divorce in July of that year. 

Many of her devoted fans and social media followers were quick to take on those body shamers. Several people pointed out how it was 'only men commenting about her weight', while there were others who accused the haters of being jealous of the country music star. 

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