WATCH: Lainey Wilson's Encounter With Young Fan Takes Unexpected Turn


Lainey Wilson is one of the hottest country stars right now: She is having success in all realms of entertainment, from Yellowstone, to her hit singles, to hot collaborations with other stars, plus, some viral moments — like this one.

While playing a concert, Wilson spotted a young boy in the crowd holding up a sign that read:

Not one to let a kid lose a bet, Wilson calls the boy — whose name is Cash — onstage, reading his sign aloud so the whole crowd knows what it says.

She obliges his request, remarking that she needs to "take my guitar off for this one!" and bending down to give Cash the biggest possible hug.


At the same time, Cash whispers something into the "Heart Like a Truck" hitmaker's ear.

Seemingly taken aback, Wilson asks Cash to repeat himself so she's sure she heard him correctly, then goes back to the mic to inform the audience.

"Y'all won't believe what Cash just said," she begins. "He literally said 'I gotta tell you something, my brother likes your butt!'"

Wilson gives Cash another hug and asks the crowd to give him a big round of applause before sending him on his way.

Watch the hilarious moment unfold in this video from @fastlainers on Instagram:

The comments section is filled with fans praising Wilson and saying just why they love the country music star.


@spurgeonpatrick writes, "With a Heart like that and a sense of humor to boot, that's why we all love her so much! You go girl!!"

@makemefitawd says, "This woman is exactly what country music needed. Such a beautiful soul!"

@jbeanslp points out "That's amazing. Love her so much and love how she made it a point to be a good hug!!!"

For Cash, and the rest of people in attendance at that show, this will certainly be a moment that they won't likely forget. Wilson — and her popular read-end — is currently on tour and won't be stopping for the foreseeable future.

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