Are these the 10 worst board games of all time?


As the summer came to an end, , and you didn’t disappoint. From your suggestions, we came up with a list of , which was duly met with excitement and annoyance on the internet. How could we have missed out ? Why on earth would we , when everyone in the known universe has played that already?

And so on.

So now for the follow-up, which I hope causes similar amounts of rage and disappointment: a very subjective take on the ten crappest, most frustrating board games in history, from the very well known to the decidedly niche.

What have we missed?

1) Monopoly

Man, you lot really hate monopoly.


In the words of one reader: “The game carries on too long whilst the majority of players slip slowly into debt, an experience I get enough of in real life, to be honest.”

2) Trivial Pursuit

As pretty much the only board game my family will play on Christmas Day (I haven’t introduced them to Ultimate Werewolf yet), I’ve got a soft spot for Trivial Pursuit, particularly if it’s an ancient edition that demands you remember minor facts about Princess Diana or a soap opera you forget ever existed.

My opinion is not shared.


3) Risk

Beloved of Red Dwarf’s Arnold Rimmer, Risk is the kind of game undergraduate history and politics students accidentally play for fourteen hours on the trot, until your French friend shouts ‘ah, the Urals! The last bastion of liberté!’ and reveals all the cards he’s been hiding under the table.

4) Donald Trump: The Game

A strangely topical one, this. Children in public schools across America will be playing this as part of their curriculum if Trump makes it to the White House.

5) Bread: the board game

For people under 40, I should explain that Bread was a hugely popular sitcom from back when we only had four* television channels, no internet, and few other distractions from fears of impending nuclear war.


6) Twin Peaks: Murder Mystery Game

For people under 30, I should explain that Twin Peaks was... oh, . It’s brilliant and disturbing. But on no account play the board game tie-in.

7) Poleconomy

8) Capital Punishment

Talking of right wing propaganda masquerading as family entertainment...

9) Cards Against Humanity

Controversial choice, controversial game. I’ll let reader explain.

10) Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

A board game version of a . About as thrilling as it sounds.

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