Emma Stone is reportedly considering her options in response to Scarlett Johansson's ongoing dispute with Disney. The conflict arose when Johansson sued the entertainment giant for breach of contract after her film 'Black Widow' was released on Disney+ simultaneously with its theatrical release. Stone is said to be weighing the potential implications for her own career and future projects with Disney. The article suggests that Stone's decision could have significant repercussions for the industry as a whole.


Emma Stone and Emily Blunt are reportedly considering taking action against Disney following Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit. Stone is said to be observing the box office numbers for Cruella before deciding whether to seek lost earnings, while Blunt is monitoring the performance of Jungle Cruise. The speculation suggests that Johansson's battle with Disney is just the beginning of stars pushing back against film companies. Other actors are expected to join in, with Hollywood talent agents and insiders expressing support for Johansson and hoping for change in the industry.

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