Actor Stephen Dorff publicly apologizes to Scarlett Johansson after previously criticizing her and the film industry in an interview. Dorff, who had previously made derogatory comments about Johansson's acting career, expressed regret for his words and acknowledged Johansson's talent and success. Dorff admitted that his comments were misplaced and that he was not in the right frame of mind during that time. He further stated his admiration for Johansson's career and hopes to work with her in the future.


Actor Stephen Dorff has apologized to Scarlett Johansson for his previous criticism of her role as Black Widow in the Marvel movies. Dorff had previously referred to the films as "bad video games" and "garbage," but now admits he was wrong and feels bad for his comments. While he still maintains that he's not a fan of movies like Black Widow, Dorff expressed his admiration for Johansson and wished her the best, especially since he heard she's expecting a child.

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