Scarlett Johansson recently opened up about the first gift she received from her now husband, Colin Jost. The actress revealed during an interview that Colin gave her a classic and romantic memento. According to Scarlett, the first gift she got from Colin was a beautiful waltz composition that he wrote. She appreciated the personal touch and admitted that she was impressed by his musical talent. The couple tied the knot in October 2020 after dating for a few years.


Scarlett Johansson revealed the first gift she received from husband Colin Jost during a remote talk show appearance. The actress said he gave her a taxidermy bullfrog playing the banjo, which she found creepy but couldn't throw away because it was the first gift he gave her. She also mentioned that Colin moved the gift around the house, adding to the creepiness. Scarlett and Colin got engaged in 2019 and got married in 2020. They are rumored to be expecting their first child together, but have not confirmed it. Scarlett was promoting her new movie, Black Widow, which was delayed multiple times due to the pandemic.

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