Miranda Lambert delighted by fan's 'Shoot tequila, not selfies' shirt


She earned plenty of flak from flak from fans after calling out audience members at a recent concert for snapping selfies while she was performing.

But Miranda Lambert got a kick out of one fan at a concert on Saturday who seemed to be on the same page.

The 39-year-old country star paused her show, but not to call out a fan, but instead to single out a fan's 'Shoot tequila, not selfies' shirt.

She was taken with it that she even accepted a swig of a mini bottle of booze from the fan, though she had to hand the rest of it over to her bandmates to finish.

The songstress looked glamorous in a gray sequined bodysuit that hugged her curves and featured a glittering gold belt and shimmering sequined tassels dangling from her legs and shoulders.


Lightening up: Miranda Lambert got a break from the controversy over a recent concert at which she called out fans for snapping selfies by taking a shot with a fan on Saturday

Having a laugh: She spotted a fan with a 'Shoot tequila, not selfies' shirt, referencing the earlier incident

She wore her long blond hair straight in thick waves, and she had some gold glittering cowboy boots to complement her outfit. 

'Her shirt says, 'Shoot tequila, not selfies,' Miranda pointed out at a pause during her show.

She alluded to the controversy over her selfie callout while poking fun at herself.

'She did it, I didn't!' she joked.


'That's bada**.'

The fan was prepared to celebrate with Miranda, and she reached out to grab a small bottle of alcohol from her, before stepping back down to toast with a fan.

The hitmaker took a modest sip from the bottle and showed off a grimace before she handed it over to her acoustic guitarist Ethan Ballinger, who downed the rest of the airplane-size bottle.

'So this happened last night,' Ethan wrote on his own Instagram account to accompany a clip of the moment.

The moment of levity comes after Miranda upset more fans at a recent show. 

The country singer faced more criticism after she was seen popping a fan's beach ball in a newly-surfaced clip.


'Saw this video of Miranda Lambert popping a fans beach ball on FB and did a screen record,' one user who shared the clip wrote. 'This woman is truly the wicked witch of the west of country music. A modern day Karen.'

The user wondered what impact Lambert's temperament had on her past marriage to fellow country singer Blake Shelton.

Another user sarcastically speculated on future concert controversies the Grammy award-winning artist might be at the center of. 

Cheers! The blond beauty accepted a mini booze bottle from the fan and stepped down again for a quick toast

Bottoms up! After a modest sip, she handed the rest over to her guitarist Ethan Ballinger, who downed the tiny bottle


It gets worse: Miranda faced more criticism after she was seen popping a fan's beach ball during a show in a newly-surfaced clip on social media last week; Pictured in February in Texas 

'I guess clapping isn't allowed either since it might get her out of sync,' one fan said. 'What's next, the light was on her face? Miranda Lambert is not for her outburst, now she is the first Karen on stage!'

One Music City native made clear they were not surprised at the controversy involving the singer.

'Miranda Lambert is an a***hole,' the user said. 'I've heard nothing but bad things about her from the folks who have had the misfortune of running into her here in Nashville.



Amid the clip circulating, a number of tweets indicated Lambert has routinely been rankled by beach balls circulating through the crowds at her concerts, with some dating back to 2011. 

The rehashed clip came two days after Lambert stopped mid-concert to call out friends taking a selfie while she sang the emotional song Tin Man during her Las Vegas residency. 

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