Britain's Got Talent viewers 'work out' nine-year-old magician's trick following his audition!


Viewers were quick to question a nine-year-old magician's trick following his appearance on Britain's Got Talent.

During the latest episode of the ITV show, Ryland Petty invited judge Amanda Holden up on stage to participate in his audition. He asked the judge to pick a piece of paper out of a box, after explaining that they had various different emotions written on them.

Mirror Online reports how Ryland gave Amanda a Rubik's Cube sat down at a table. He asked her to play with it as he invited his friends from The Magic Circle Young Magicians' Club onto the stage with their own Rubik's Cubes.


As each of the participants placed their cubes in a framework, Ryland waited to the end to ask Amanda to place hers in there too. He asked her to confirm which word was written on the piece of paper she had picked out and she replied "Love".

Ryland turned the framework around to reveal all of the Rubik's cubes had matched up as a red heart against a white background. He then used his hands to gather up some smoke on the table that he and Amanda were sat at, and pulled a table cloth away to reveal the word 'LOVE' written in black.

"How on earth did he do that?!" host Ant McPartlin asked as Simon Cowell said: "I am speechless!" before comparing Ryland to Harry Potter.


However, some BGT viewers weren't overly impressed with the magic trick and were quick to question it.

One person posted on Twitter: "#bgt guarantee all the pieces of paper said love." Another person commented: "Any piece of paper could have had love written on them... #BGT."

A third viewer asked: "Only thing is, what if all those pieces of paper said love on then? #bgt #britainsgottalent." And a fourth person said: "I'll bet all the other bits of paper had "love" written on them too. #BGT."

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