Simon Cowell's 'number one' Golden Buzzer 'AGT' Star Jane Nightbirde's debut album 'It's Ok' to release a year after her death from cancer!


Jane Nightbirde Marczweski, a beloved contestant on America's Got Talent and Simon Cowell's "number one" Golden Buzzer star, passed away from cancer in 2022. Her long-awaited debut album, titled It's OK, is set to release posthumously to show that joy can come from sorrow.

The album features 10 songs released in her memory by her loved ones, with all proceeds going to a breast cancer foundation under Nightbirde's name. The Nightbirde Foundation announced the pre-order availability of the album, stating that it doesn't pit emotions against each other but rather shows how joy can come through sorrow. Though she is missed terribly, Nightbirde's work to bring hope and healing to others continues even in heaven.

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