"Saturday Night Live" star Colin Jost recently revealed that his mother asked him if his dog Cosmo's name was final. Jost shared this anecdote while discussing his new book, "A Very Punchable Face: A Memoir." It seems that Jost's mother wasn't entirely convinced that the name Cosmo was the best choice for the furry companion. This humorous and light-hearted moment provides a glimpse into Jost's personal life and the playful dynamic between him and his mother.


Colin Jost's mother, Kerry Kelly, was puzzled by the name of his and Scarlett Johansson's newborn son, Cosmo. On Late Night with Seth Meyers, Colin revealed that his mother questioned if the name was final and offered alternative variations. However, after meeting people in the Italian community who had relatives named Cosmo and discovering a patron saint called Cosmos, Kerry came to accept the name. Colin and Scarlett announced the birth of their son in August, and Scarlett already has a daughter named Rose Dorothy from a previous marriage.

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