Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has come out in support of Scarlett Johansson's lawsuit against Disney over the release of "Black Widow." Curtis spoke up during an interview, stating that she fully supports Johansson's decision to take legal action. She emphasized the importance of artists being fairly compensated for their work, particularly in the changing landscape of the entertainment industry. Curtis also called for transparency in the industry and expressed her hope that the lawsuit would shed light on the issue. Overall, she defended Johansson's lawsuit, asserting the need for fairness in the industry.


Jamie Lee Curtis has written an opinion piece for Time Magazine, defending Scarlett Johansson's decision to sue Disney over the release of Black Widow. Curtis praised Johansson's "brilliant response" to the alleged breach of contract and warned readers not to mess with the actress. Johansson claims that Disney's decision to release the film simultaneously on streaming and in theaters cost her millions. The lawsuit, filed in July, argues that Johansson's contract should have been renegotiated to account for streaming revenue. Disney responded by saying the lawsuit has no merit and that the release on Disney+ enhanced Johansson's compensation.

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