So moving ! Kelly Clarkson burst into tears when kids of Brandon said, ' You're always our mother! ' !


As longtime friends, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson are bound to have funny memories with each other, and Shelton shared a humorous (and slightly embarrassing) story about his friend and fellow The Voice coach on a recent episode of Access.

Clarkson appeared for an interview on the show, and while enjoying a glass of pinot noir during a "Kellyoke Bar" segment, hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover surprised the singer with the message from Shelton.

"We had to go out and ask a friend of yours, what's it like to drink with Kelly Clarkson?" Hoover said before revealing exactly who was featured in the clip.


"Here's what he said."

The hosts then pointed a clip of Shelton telling a story about a wine night at Clarkson's home.

"Kelly, I was at her house — this has probably been seven or eight years ago — her house in Nashville, and she had gotten into the wine pretty heavy," Shelton says in an earlier interview.

"And the reason I remember this is because she was wearing a white shirt that, by the end of the night, it looked like she had been coloring Easter eggs on her shirt."

Shelton continued, throwing a few more jokes Clarkson's way while she watched along and laughed.

"I don't know if she had a hole in the bottom of her jaw or she was just getting so wasted that she was just missing her mouth altogether, but it looked like she had been in a car accident with a wine bottle in the car," he jokes.


Clarkson had the chance to tell her side of the story when the clip ended, and she clarified that the situation wasn't quite as simple as Shelton made it out to be.

"In fairness, he's talking about, like, years ago, I had just had a child, so I hadn't had alcohol in months!" she says. "So it wasn't that I had a ton. I just couldn't handle it, so I got very inebriated."

"It was an interesting night," she adds.

Clarkson and Shelton will share the stage on The Voice yet again on Season 23 this spring, and a recent trailer shows them picking up their competitive relationship right where they left off. The new season, also starring coaches Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper, premieres March 6 on NBC.

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