'Call me'! Scarlett Johansson fends off sex-crazy Joseph Gordon-Levitt in new Don Jon teaser


'Call me!': Scarlett Johansson fends off sex-crazy Joseph Gordon-Levitt in new Don Jon teaser

The protagonist in Joseph Gordon-Levitt's upcoming film Don Jon is famed for his ability to bed the most beautiful women he finds.

But a new clip from the film proves that he's met his match in the form of Barbara, played by Scarlett Johansson.Everything seems to be going to plan as the photogenic duo bump into an apartment doorway while kissing passionately.Scroll down for video...

Getting hot in here: Scarlett Johansson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star as lovers in Don Jon, which opens in theaters September 27But hold it: 'It's not time for that yet,' Barbara whispers.


'I don't know your friends. I wanna meet your family,' she adds.That brings things to a screeching halt for Jon (Gordon-Levitt) - 'Why would, uh - our families?' he stammers in reply.

He tries to convince his seductive partner to let him in her apartment, but she literally butts him out of the doorway.

'Don't you think it's always better when it means something?' Barbara coos.

The clip ends with Jon standing stunned as Barbara slams the door shut on him with just two words: 'Call me!'

It's a perfect teaser for Don Jon (directed and written by Gordon-Levitt), which follows a young man who is obsessed with his physical appearance, objectifies women and sports an addiction to pornography.


After meeting romance-obsessed Barbara, he begins to pursue a genuine relationship with her - but that's jeopardized when she discovers his dirty digital secret.

'I thought the idea of a guy, who watches too much pornography, and a young woman, who watches too many romantic Hollywood movies, was a hilarious way to ask the question: How do the different kinds of media we consume impact our lives and our love lives?' Gordon-Levitt told the Huffington Post in March.

First try: Don Jon is Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut

The film was produced independently, and Gordon-Levitt believes the story never would have been greenlit by studio executives.


'The reason I think the movie works is because we manage to find a really great tone that balances an unusually bold honesty with a really fun and entertaining comedy. That is a tone that you won't really to be able to see that on the page,' he said.

'You have to trust that the actors and everybody else are going to bring that. This wouldn't have happened at a studio.'

All of the lights: Gordon-Levitt arrives at the red carpet of the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, held in New York City on August 25

Fittingly, early reviews of the film give praise to Gordon-Levitt's sympathetic, clever take on characters who could've been mere caricatures.


'The self-assured helmer shows genuine affection for his characters, balancing their openly satiric qualities with a disarmingly sincere human center,' wrote Variety's Peter Debruge in January.

Other critics noted the sharp-eyed cultural messages woven though Gordon-Levitt's raunchy, comedic script.

The film, which is Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, opens in a wide release on September 27.

Looking good! Johansson poses at Marvel's photocall on July 20 at Comic-Con, held in San Diego, California

Funnyman: Gordon-Levitt speaks onstage during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards at New York City's Barclays Center on August 25

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