A Definitive Guide to the Best & Worst Family Board Games


We'll tell you how. As in, literally, we're going to tell you which family board games are the best and which are for the birds. Take note, because marathon gaming sessions should be in your family's near future.

Report adWhat is it about being on edge that is so darn fun? There's something entirely addictive about the way suspense builds every time someone's fingers grip a precariously positioned wooden block. Plus, kids as young as six can play, so it's good, clean fun for the whole fam.


Report adWho doesn't love a game that encourages you to randomly shout things out? You see, between any two cards, there is only one matching symbol. So, whoever spots it first gets to holler it out. While we have no actual scientific proof, we feel positive that the use of visual perception and speech-language used must boast benefits for growing brains.

Here's the first thing you should know about Grandpa Beck's Cover Your Assets: It was created by a family sitting around the kitchen table having fun together.


That's good juju, no? On top of that, the game is a raucous good time that involves stealing assets, hiding assets and just generally one-upping your family members.

Grandpa Beck's Cover Your Assets board game, $14.99 at AmazonReport ad Sequence

What makes this a great choice for families? A few things. Like, for example, players can be as young as seven. Or the fact that up to 12 players can participate, making it ideal for big broods. And, finally, it's both simple enough for younger siblings and challenging enough for more mature family members — it just involves playing a card from your hand, placing a chip on a corresponding space on the board and working to score five-card sequences.


Report adIf the game "telephone" and Pictionary had a love child, it would be the always hilarious Telestrations. Everyone gets their own erasable sketchbook, on which they draw out secret words. Then, everyone passes their book to the left, and the player who now has it must try to guess what it is. And so on until the sketchbook is back in the hands of its original owner, who reveals how hilariously off-base the guesses were. It's addictive!


When Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard sing the praises of a game, you know it must be good. Such is true for Catan, a game in which your adventurous settlers seek to tame the wild but rich isle of Catan. It's best played with kids aged 10 and up, but it's never too early to let your little ones sit in and become wise to the ways of Catan.

OK, parents — whether or not you're comfortable with your kiddos playing this one is a total judgment call. Although the game says it's good for ages eight and up, it does operate under a somewhat scary premise involving a pandemic of four diseases threatening to wipe out mankind. However, if you think that won't creep out your kids, the reward is a super-fun and exciting mission to find cures which might eradicate the diseases before it's too late.

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