27 Celebrities, Then & Now — How These Famous Faces Have and (Haven't) Changed


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So much has changed within the past few decades. It's hard to believe that only a little over a decade ago, we didn't even have Instagram, an app that now more or less rules our lives, or TikTok, the app we always get Amazon recommendations from. It seems like everything has changed in the past few decades — and that includes some of our favorite celebrities transforming into seemingly new people.

Whether it's their career trajectory or their looks, many celebrities have changed who they are in recent years.


A prime example is George Clooney — who went from playboy to a family man in the blink of an eye. Along with that, the Kardashians frequently transform themselves, creating different business ventures, new hairstyles, and body transformations alike.

Celebrities frequently transform themselves for their roles, but just as many transform themselves in real life. Seeing side-by-side photos can be mind-boggling because sometimes you forget about how these celebrities started out in Hollywood.

Let's look back at the most dramatic celebrity transformations of the decade. Settle in, because we're about to seriously shock you with what these stars looked like ten years back. So, ready to take a trip through time? Here are the most dramatic celeb transformations of the past decade below.

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